Via Nittardi 4, Vignolo

Precious flavors since 1863

Fabio and Gloria took over the store 3 years ago, but the history of this place carries on a tradition born in 1863.

“The fine cake is our specialty but all the productions of dry pastry are linked to the transformation of hazelnut; in our store you can also find other typical products and the many excellences of the territory.”

The fine cake was a cake that all the Vignolini knew how to make and as every traditional product was made with local raw materials (Vignolo was a country rich in hazelnuts and vineyards); it was then cooked in the common ovens or those of the bakers.

Josella Giraudo’s is the historic shop where the dream began. In 1975, Pasqualina’s mother won a prize from Proloco: the best cake was made in her oven. The recipe, which is still a secret today, has passed from generation to generation and is now in the hands of young Fabio and Gloria.

The cake is strictly handmade and the ingredients are of the highest quality: selected butter, homemade macaroons, homemade new biscuits, fresh eggs and hazelnuts of the gentle round quality trilobata of the Langhe that are toasted in the laboratory. Cooked in a wood/steam oven, the finished product is packaged strictly by hand, wrapped in its unmistakable yellow packaging, which recalls the Savoy era.

You can find other specialties: the Vignolo hazelnut pasta, excellent as a dessert or to accompany the coffee or the cake of “prus” (pears), vignolino “Cungemu”, made with ingredients similar to the fine cake and with the addition of pears madernasse cooked in Dolcetto (available by reservation or during public holidays).

Not only pastry but in Vignolo you will find a real village shop, with an eye to typical products and quality.


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