The museum of smuggling

La Mizoun dal Countrabandìer

Mizoun del Countrabandìer” is a museum in the village of Ferrere (hamlet of Argentera) that tells of the ancient and traditional practice of smuggling. The “Mizoun” is an old house that has been renovated keeping the rooms of a traditional house: a kitchen, a bedroom and the “soulìer“, that is a large room with wooden loft. Each room, through the exhibition of objects and tools, leads the visitor to the rediscovery of ancient traditions and activities.

Smuggling was an illegal activity practiced by the inhabitants of the upper valley to supplement the scarce revenue during the winter.

The path, through images, documents and objects, leads visitors to the rediscovery of a world now gone, alive only in the memories of those who have been active protagonist.


Open in summer, the keys can be collected at Rifugio Becchi Rossi di Ferrere.


Unione Montana Valle Stura

Tel: +39 0171955555


Opening hours: monday – friday 08.30 – 13.00