Museum in Valloriate

A journey through partisan history

The War and Resistance Museum

Inaugurated in 2008, with headquarters in the Municipality, it is a stage of the “Museo Diffuso della Memoria e degli Ambienti Montanari e Partigiani“. The museum offers, through panels and photographs, a path of reflection on the consequences of the Second World War in the territory of the Stura Valley. The fascist wars are retraced with the attacks on France, Greece and Russia between 1940 and 1943, and the twenty months of partisan war until the Liberation. With the Band “Italia Libera” was born the core leader of future GL formations, and the Vallorians Gino Renaudo (died in combat in Valle Grana in 1945) and Nino Monaco (then author of the volume “Pietà l’è morta”) became prominent figures in the military organization of the Resistance. Michelangelo Berardengo, to whom the Town Hall square is dedicated, will also become a partisan and then mayor of the town for several years. Above the entrance door to the museum a plaque shows the list of Vallorians who died during the war.

The Museum of the memory of mountain environments

This widespread museum was born from the meeting of several realities: the Museum War and Resistance in Valle Stura” and an ethnographic display placed in the Town Hall, “Valle Stura in war 1940/1945“, of objects and tools of peasant and mountain life. Larger is the last “museum” environment, that of the natural and human landscape built by the villages, the networks of paths and water points, as well as the peaks Tajarè, Alpe, Beccas del Mezzodì, in which the events of mountain civilization and the Resistance are traced. The Museum is intended to encourage the “reading” of these places through information points distributed throughout the territory.


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