The frescoes of Vignolo

Between culture and art

The historic centre of Vignolo preserves the original medieval structure in which some houses with interesting 15th century decorations stand out.

Among the most interesting houses, the Casa Colonica in Via Nittardi, where there are frescoed panels of the first decade of the sixteenth century. There is a Madonna and Child, a window with floral decorations and the figure of a knight, identifiable in the holy martyr of the Theban Legion Maurice. In this box there is the Crusader shield that documents the subjection of the territory to the House of Savoy begun in 1382 and reaffirmed in 1569.

The fresco of the Madonna and Child in Via Umberto I dates back to the last decade of the fifteenth century, and is inserted in one of the two aedicules on the sides of a driveway. The face of Jesus and the mando of the Virgin are illegible and the whole is disfigured by the subsequent insertion of a plaster frame. In the background stands out an attempt to make the space illusionistic with windows open on a landscape.

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