The widespread museum of Rittana

The MudriMuseo diffuso di Rittana” consists of a stimulating artistic review created in many sections that propose a discovery of the territory in the name of sharing the beauty and fantasy of art. The center of the initiative is the ex- rectory where several exhibitions are proposed.

The first public collection entitled “20×20 Rittana Contemporary Collection” has become the local contemporary art gallery. In this collection there are works from all over Italy and this thanks to the word of mouth of many artists united by the same spirit of generous participation in the project of rebirth/ development of the country. Each edition is enriched with new acquisitions, all strictly the same format “20×20″ cm.

The second exhibition entitled “Mountagnes. The alpine landscape of the painters cuneesi del ‘900″ presents works en plein air made by those painters, of origin or adoption cuneese, that animated the provincial art scene in the second half of the last century and were very inspired by the landscapes of our valleys. They are generally non-academic painters who have nevertheless characterized a season that deserves to be remembered and told. The whole is the result of an unprecedented research and represents an operation never tried before and that has been possible only thanks to the availability of Carlo Morra, certainly the most direct and attentive connoisseur of that period of local history.

RITTANA – ex Rectory of Rittana – near Parish Santi Giovanni Battista e Mauro, Via Roma 6 – 12010  CN

From 2/06 to 22/09 every friday, saturday and sunday from 16.00 to 19.00 or by appointment by calling +39 331 1524815

Any changes will be communicated on the site of the Municipality


Municipality of Rittana;


tel.+39 0171 72991

At the food bar “Andata e Ritorno” (closed on Monday, phone +39 347 8251432).