Dog sledge tours

Each of us had the desire to experience, at least once in his life, the thrill of a wild sleigh ride pulled by a group of Siberian Husky, immersed in the beautiful landscape of the mountain!

For lovers of adventures WindShot Sleddog Adventure offers Bersezio-Argentera a unique experience in a spectacular setting of natural landscapes.

Opening scheduled from 26 December 2022.

Dog sledding is suitable for children and adults from 8 years of age.

The activity is always preceded by a 15-minute briefing, during which the basic rules for conducting the sled are explained: after that the participants can follow the instructor/guide.

On a specially traced path for a trip of about 40 minutes; the dog sledding is an adrenaline experience, perfect to increase your self-esteem and learn to manage a team, even if 4-legged.

There are 6 excursions per day, lasting a total of one hour.

Frequency: every day during the Christmas holidays, then every weekend; in case there are enough requests even midweek, all according to the snow conditions. For the youngest between 5/7 years it is possible to make the excursion carried by the instructor and accompanied by a parent in tow to guide their sled.


Morning 10.00 – 11.00 – 12.00
Afternoon 14.00 – 15.00 – 16.00


Tel. +39 3333202305 Massimo


Throughout the Christmas period (26/12/22 – 08/01/23)

Adults (max. 100kg weight) and young drivers from 8 years on promotional – 70€

Children (carried by the instructor) from 4 to 7 years – 30€ per person (max. 2 per family with parent driving their own sled)

From 09/01/23 and throughout the season

Adults and children – 80€ unchanged for drivers and transported