Spectacular dinghy descents between water and nature

Stura Valley has been synonymous of rafting for about 40 years. The river Stura, the only one in the province to be navigable practically all year round, is proposed as a commercial activity from April until September. The Stura first witnessed the use of inflatable boats in its waters in the 80s. Since that time it has been a continuous crescendo that has led today the valley to become a reference point for this activity. For those who are looking for crystal clear waters, waves, valuable naturalistic views and lots of fun, the specialized rafting centers in the area are available to make you live this experience in total safety.

Depending on the level of adrenaline you want to give to your descent you can choose what time of year to sail. In spring, with the rains and melting snow, the river ensures breathtaking waves and adventurous descents. In summer and early autumn the waters calm and the descent becomes a pleasant way to immerse yourself for a few hours in nature, indulging in the gentle movement of the current that will lull you.

The activity of rafting on the river Stura, considered these characteristics, is also suitable for children from 6 years old and families.

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