The MTB trails of Valle Stura di Demonte

The passion of a group of friends and the need to create a valid attraction that allows a sustainable development of the territory thanks to cycling: these are the conditions that lead to the birth of MTB VALLE STURA in the recent past. Diego, Anna, Maurizio and all the other young people who collaborate in this project have identified numerous paths that connect the different municipalities of the Valley, from Vignolo to Argentera. The routes have difficulty levels that meet the needs of all and have been uniquely marked.

The MTB VALLE STURA has about 1,000 km of routes divided into 41 itineraries (13 in Lower Valley – 9 in Middle Valley and 19 in Upper Valley). You can find details of the routes on the official website, where you can check in real time the accessibility of the routes, and on the Fraternali Cartography for sale in the shops of Valle Stura and Porta di Valle.

In addition to the volunteers who are part of the A.S.D Valle Stura, the Unione Montana Valle Stura, the Municipalities, the tourism operators of the area, hoteliers and numerous sports and mountain enthusiasts have also participated in the project.


Vignolo Area – Roberto +39 3332059593

Bike Park “Tajarè” – Stefano Melchio +39 3472385581

Saben Trail Area – Nicola Cusano +39 3405542131

Demonte Area – Piola “A L’Ubac” +39 017195315

Aisone Area – Stefano Meiranesio +39 3471774777

Vinadio Area – Anna Trocello +39 3336368447

Sambuco‐Pietraporzio‐Argentera Area  +39 017196628