The hiking trail inspired by the historic pilgrimage

The Sant’Anna Trail has a centuries-old history linked to the homonymous Sanctuary, located in a side valley of the Stura Valley at 2035 m asl, in the exact place that was indicated in an apparition of Saint Anne to the young shepherdess Anna Bagnis, as the legend tells.

For decades it has been a tradition for the inhabitants of Cuneo to walk this path starting in the evening from different places in the province and arriving at the goal in the morning, after walking all night on the asphalted state road or alternatively on the former-military that connects Borgo San Dalmazzo and the various villages on the orographic right of the river Stura.

With this hiking path you give the opportunity to anyone to experience the emotion of this walk, going along the paths and historic streets of the Stura Valley. You will then encounter unspoilt natural places, ancient chapels, isolated villages and the most beautiful historical centers of the different places crossed.

Unlike famous international paths, this has a more limited overall length (65 km) and is born, in addition to the historical importance, also to bring newbies to this type of proposal and for those who are not used to or do not have time to face longer and more demanding paths.

Moreover, given the possibility of using it in a totally personalized way, going to reduce (or increase) the walking days, it can also be a “training path” to prepare for longer pilgrimage routes.

The Way can be covered in four stages, modifiable, extendable or shortened according to their abilities and training.


1 – Cuneo – Roccasparvera: 19,6 km – +400 m uphill

2 – Roccasparvera – Demonte 17,2 km – +620 m of elevation gain

3 – Demonte – Vinadio 14.4 km – +620 m uphill

4 – Vinadio – Sanctuary of Sant’Anna 12.6 km – +1140 m uphill

In the hottest days of summer some passages may be more challenging because of the temperatures; it is therefore advisable to stop in the central hours at a cozy inn in the Valley or in the shade of a forest.


The Way of Saint Anne has its Credential to certify your passage at the accommodation facilities of the Way. It also entitles you to a 10% discount at affiliated facilities. The Credential can be purchased, at a cost of € 3, at the headquarters of ATL del Cuneese, located in Cuneo in via Pascal, 7 (ex Foro Boario), not far from the start of the Way. The office is open (with exceptions) from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 13 while Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 16.

For further information, see

The Credential is strictly personal (even in the case of groups a copy must be distributed per person).

When you have completed your Way, in front of the Sanctuary of Sant’Anna, you can go to the Rifugio Sant’Anna and with your credential, collect the “Testimonium” to certify the completion of your journey.


The Way of Saint Anna provides 2 departures, both in the city of Cuneo, reachable by multiple means of transport.

TRAIN: The main departure is in front of the Railway Station, connected with the Turin-Cuneo, Savona-Cuneo (with change in Fossano) and Limone P.te-Cuneo (for those arriving from France)

BUS: Both departures can be reached by bus and the departure of Piazza Torino is the terminus of all routes

BY CAR: Cuneo can be reached by car by motorway, coming from Turin (98 km) or from Savona (100 km) and Genoa (150 km). There are several free parking areas around Cuneo (Piazzale Walther Cavallera or parking Ex Eliporto – 50 m from the ATL del Cuneese)


Porta di Valle Stura: Via Nazionale 17, Demonte, Tel. o Whatsapp: +39