A multiple chance of itineraries to discover the Stura valley in winter dress

The walk with snowshoes is certainly the most easy-to-learn winter sports activity: on tracks and in optimal conditions, it is comparable to the summer march.

In the Stura valley there are a myriad of snowshoe tours of all kinds and difficulties: you start from snowshoeing for beginners and novices, like the one that develops along the track of San Bernolfo in the valley of the same name. It is beaten by a snowcat, runs alongside the cross-country ski slopes and is dedicated exclusively to snowshoeing.

Then there are excursions on technical and alpine terrain, where it is necessary to have an excellent knowledge of the dangers inherent the snowy terrain, as well as safety, rescue, orientation and snowpack assessment techniques.

The tours are really many and have different levels of difficulty. But how to orient yourself in this multitude of possibilities and choices?

In winter 2021 a tool was created and published to help you discover the best twenty snowshoeing in Valle Stura: the cartoguida “Ciaspole Valle Stura di Demonte“, designed by the Unione Montana Valle Stura, written by local hiking guides and realized thanks to the collaboration with the “Fraternali editore”, the support of the ATL of Cuneo and Terres Monviso. The described excursions have characteristics and difficulties of all kinds, from the easiest to the most challenging, and you will find at least one for each municipality of the valley, starting from Borgo San Dalmazzo and Vignolo to get to Argentera and Colle della Maddalena.

You can buy the map guide in Porta di Valle – Valle Stura (Via Nazionale 17, Demonte)

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