Seven routes for 140 km of roads, trails and dirt roads suitable for XC and ALL MOUNTAIN

The Bike Park Tajarè consists of a network of ancient paths and dirt roads clean, rearranged and structured for the usability of cyclists and bike tourists. They are all located in the lower Valle Stura, develop on the territory of 5 municipalities and have different characteristics, ranging from the simplest routes for beginners to the most technical and adrenaline. All paths are piled with unique signs and constantly monitored in their completeness to ensure integrity and usability 365 days a year. Although some of the tracks are accessible mainly to bikes, on almost all of them there is no prohibition of access to any walkers and hikers. Just to remain “hike-friendly”, on each track you will find many signs that invite bikers to prudence, emphasizing the desire to share paths with other types of users.

Marco and Stefano, creators and founders of the project, are also Cycling Guides; you can contact them for any information or to book a rich guided tour of Tajarè Park.


Marco Revelli +39 3393176815

Stefano Melchio + 39 3472385581