Discovering the "vertical" Stura Valley

The Stura Valley offers various possibilities for climbing lovers, both for experts and for those who face the first ascents. Here you will find trad routes, cliffs full of single pitches, multipitch routes and alpine routes!

Some examples? The cliffs Bicocca of Roccasparvera and Rucas delle Leu of Moiola to get to the panoramic Hotel Miramonti of Ferrere, passing through the multipitch of the mountains Aver and Lausfer, the foothills of Lausa Bruna and Guglia di San Bernolfo or the crag of Lake Sant’Anna di Vinadio and the recent crag of Cornaletto. You will find everything you’re looking for.

In addition, thanks to the breadth of its territory, the valley always offers one or more places to climb throughout the year, depending on the climate and temperatures, from January to December. In fact, you will find climbing spots from Roccasparvera to Colle della Maddalena, with sunny exposure for the cold months and cool and shady walls during the hot period.

There is also the possibility to try the artificial structures installed in the area, including the rock gym built in the heart of Valloriate or the one located in the characteristic village of Ferrere.

Below we recommend some sites and some reference paper guides for climbing in Valle Stura:

“Stura-Ubaye. Falesie, montagne” di P. Brusasco e F. Vivalda – Blu Edizioni.

“Sambuco 360” di G. Bergese e G. Ghibaudo – Graph-Art Edizioni.

“Andonno e Cuneese” di S. Scassa – Versante Sud Edizioni.

“Rocca la Meja, Alp Climbing” di L. Belliardo e F. Bottero – Edizioni I Libri della Bussola.

Guide completely dedicated to Rocca la Meja, a mountain that can also be reached in summer from the Stura Valley, through the Vallone dell’Arma and the Colle della Bandia.

Some of these guides are on sale at  Porta di Valle – Valle Stura (Via Nazionale 17, Demonte)

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